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Snapchat's Best Features, Tips And Tricks

  Now that you know the basics of Snapchat, it's time to learn about some of its best features. These include filters, lenses, geofilters and more. Filters: Snapchat filters are a great way to add a bit of fun and personality to your snaps. There are a range of filters available, from those that add a funny face to your snap, to those that change the color of your snap. To use a filter, simply swipe left or right on your screen when taking a snap. Lenses: Lenses are similar to filters, but they offer a bit more interactivity. For example, there are lenses that allow you to add a dog's nose and ears to your face, or make your eyes look like they're Hearts. To use a lens, simply tap on your screen when taking a snap. Geofilters: Geofilters are special filters that are available only in certain locations. For example, there may be a geofilter available when you're at a concert or in a specific city. To use a geofilter, simply swipe left on your screen when taking a snap.